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ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to wednesday, september 29th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook, let's start with steve paulson -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- 20 degrees or many along the coast, inland a lot of high clouds from southern california so maybe -- [ inaudible ] >> -- coming down for some. now, here is sal with an update own your traffic. >> steve, right knew traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on interstate 80 driving to the macarthur maze. also this morning we are looking at traffic in oakland on 880 moving well both directions. 5:00, back to the desk. >> thank you. sal. democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman clashed during their first debate with election day less than five weeks away. it was a critical night in the race for the governor's
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position -- [ inaudible ] >> -- this morning with reaction to this spirited debate. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam, yes, the first of these three planned gubernatorial debates is now finished, and while both are looking to their next debate, which is this saturday in fresno, both candidates have claimed victory, that is pretty much expected, that is kind of traditional to both call themselves winner, but it is not easy, certainly in this one there were lively and humorous moments and they talked about a variety of issues, there is certainly a difference between the candidates, meg white man the newcomer stayed more on message, sometimes reciting speech lines, jerry brown used humor, analysts say people will disagree on who won because it all depended on exactly what you were looking for. >> people looking for consistency and a predictable message and a solid presence, i
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think they might be attracted to meg. if they are looking for experience and some personality and i think he was warm tonight, some warmth, some charm, some passion, then it is jerry. >> reporter: certainly both candidates had something to prove and people are watching them carefully. jerry brown certainly has been in politics for a long time. he is trying to prove he is more than a career politician and he is still relevant decades after being governor of california as he tries again for that top office. meg whitman is a new cammer to the political scene. she wanted to establish she is up for the job and can maneuver sacramento, coming up you will hear what they had to say last night. jerry brown as he addressed some of the questions about weather he can stay more focused and we will tell you why meg whitman said she is
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embarrassed and actually apologized. coming up in the next half- hour, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2news. >> watch more from last night's debate on our channel 2 website, you will find the links and all of the latest election news under the election 2010 tab. >> an oakland police search is underway for a second suspect this morning after a man was shot right outside highland hospital. this happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. on 31st street near the highland hospital entrance. the vick, a 22-year-old man was critically wounded. one suspect has already been arrested but police are still out there looking for a second gunman. ktvu news has been told that this shooting is connected to an earlier shooting at 89th avenue and mcauthor boulevard. >> a federal judge blocked the execution scheduled at san
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quintin this week. it was set to take place tomorrow night at san quintin's new death chamber but last night the judge cancelled the execution saying more time is needed to determine if california's new lethal injection procedures amount to cruel and unusual pinnish. the judge's decision came 24 hours after the 9th circuit court of appeals stepped into the case. >> what the 9th circuit was clearly concerned about was whether there is enough time to conduct a meaningful review in that short amount of time. >> this legal battle is far from over. later today the governor's office will ask a federal appeals court to lift the stay and allow the execution to take place. we will continue to follow this story as well and the major developments all morning long. you can get updates anytime of day as well by going to our channel 2 website, >> 5:04. a large protest is set to take place this morning and this one could impact your morning commute. ktvu's kraig debro is in fremont now with a look at why
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day care workers students and parents are planning a big march. good morning. >> reporter: good morning they are organizing this behind a church here. they are one of the largest child development centers and have suffered because of the legislature's inability to reach a budget agreement with the governor. so like these did earlier, they are letting their employees, clients and their nt prays take part in closure for a cause. they will close for the entire day in protest. the agencies have not been paid since the beginning of the new fiscal year, july first, and that is how long the state has gone without a budget and that is a record. that means 250 kids won't get meals and the education they normally would, parents will have to make other arrangements stay home from work or take part in the rally. child development programs get
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more than $2.5 billion every year that supports a half million kids up to the age of 12. later this morning the group will meet at the sports complex, march downtown on fremont boulevard and take bart into oakland for a rally at the state building and calling a representative for my next report to ask her how long they have been able get long so long without money from the state and what good it will doe keeping kids out of their normal routine for this political protest. >> it is time to check in with sal for a complete look at traffic so far this morning. >> good morning to you, we are doing very well this morning. we do have a lane closure on eastbound 580. the left lane closed for road work but not causing any big traffic problems. you should be aware it is there though. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. that traffic is moving along nicely out to the macarthur maze. light traffic to the toll plaza of the bay bridge westbound.
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looks good coming into san francisco. if you are driving on northbound 280 up to highway 17. that traffic also looks very nice. 5:06 here is steve. >> after another record setting yesterday it won't be as hot inland. a source of higher clouds -- [ inaudible ] >> -- add some humidity to the mix. it will also drop temperatures inland so hot and muggy. along the coast temperatures could drop 15 to 20 degrees. the fog is back. the combination of the low and high clouds will mean a significant cooling trend for some and even though it will be cooler kind of humid for others. you can see those clouds streaming northward. low and high clouds, muggy, 70s, 80s, 90s. it looks like we are out of the 100s. look at san jose because of the cloud cover, 70. 57 san francisco. oakland-berkeley at 65. 40s mountains, 50s, 60s, 70s in the valley. 80 in palm springs. very muggy air mass over us associated with that cloud band
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coming up to the north so that will give us a lot of high and mid-level clouds and also take the edge off some of those highs but not before we get a mug qli condition, kind of muggy humid inland. coastal fog means temperatures drop for some. 60s and 70s. for many it is a tricky call on the coast for areas in the 90s yesterday such as san francisco, which was 92. 80s and 90s bay side and inland. temperatures will continue to drop over the next few days and will get back to night and morning fog and cooler conditions toward the end effort week. >> 5:08. some more snags in that state budget. new details on the tax breaks one side is pushing for and who would benefit. >> plus how you can send a drink over to a friend without ever stepping foot in the par. >> good morning. traffic near san rafael actually in san rafael 101580 looking good. again there is road work nearby. we will tell you more about that and the rest of the commute coming up.
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welcome back. 5:11. this morning republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman will campaign in familiar territory. she is going to silicon valley. the former ebay ceo will speak to employees at cysco systems in san jose. she is scheduled to be there at 11:00 this morning. >> intelligence officials say they have intercepted a credible terror plot against britain, france and germany, the terror threat level has
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been been raised in france, where last night the eiffel tower was evacuated for the second time in as many weeks. alison burns joins us from our newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. the u.s. picked up a german terror suspect in afghanistan over the summer. and he revealed some very terrifying details about deadly plots targeting major european cities. here is what we know. the suspect's name is ahmed saddici and joined an al qaeda linked group and attended a mosque known as a meeting place for the 9/11 hijackers and officials believe that osama bin laden may have signed off on the attack plans. the attacks were intended to look like this. this was the scene in november 2008, 10 men launched carefully planned strikes on several cites and killed more than 165
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people. the u.s. is now warning europe they could be planning similar strikes on major european cities. as you mentioned these may be linked to yesterday's evacuation of the eiffel tower. live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:12. president obama's special mid- east envoy flies to the middle east trying to keep the peace talks from falling apart after israel rejected pleas to renew a moratorium on building in the west bank. construction started up again, as soon as the moratorium expired earlier this week. the palestinians threaten to walk out of the peace talks if the construction is not stopped. >> this morning president obama will be in des moines, i way for another backyard discussion with voters. he is trying to rally the
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democrats to vote in the upcoming elections. yesterday he spoke at a rally in wisconsin. >> we cannot sit this one out. we cannot let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight. >> the president will wrap up a 94 state tour this afternoon with a meeting with voters in richmond, virginia. a new field poll shows in california voters give president obama higher marks than voters nationwide. the poll shows 53% of likely california voters think the president is doing a good job. that compares with about 45% of all u.s. voters. still about the same number said the nation is heading in the wrong direction. well, former president jimmy carter plans to resume his book tour today after an overnight stay in the hospital. the 85-year-old developed an upset stomach yesterday on a flight from atlanta to cleveland. family members say he is doing fine but doctors recommended he be admitted to the hospital as a precaution. mr.carter is promoting his new
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book called white house dairy. >> 5:14. today is the 91st day with no state budget and negotiators say there is still several sticking points to reaching a deal. the governor and legislative leaders cancelled their meeting yesterday. still unresolved issues include a business tax break pushed by republicans, pension reform and school funding. even while the budget embase continues the governor met a legislative deadline to sign 21 new bills into law. one bill allows state prisons to release severely ill inmates on medical parole. the governor says right now california wastes millions of dollars guarding physically incast taited inmates in comas or similar conditions that pose no threat to public safety. the governor also signed a bill that makes it illegal to modify motorcycles to make them noisier. the bill targets owners who
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remove factory installed emission controlled devices and replaces them with custom parts that often makes the bikes louder and it also increases the emissions into the air. >> all right. 5:15 is the time. let's go back over to sal. any problems? >> right now it is light, pam and dave. right now we are doing very well starting off the morning. let's go outside and take a look westbound 24 up to the tunnel, very nice with no major issues, the trouble -- we have not had had any trouble. here is steve. >> a pattern change today in the form of fog along the coast and higher clouds are streaming up. you could see some of them -- [ inaudible ] >> -- saw some of these coming up and there they are and they
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are going to add humidity to the mix, especially inland, now the coast -- [ inaudible ] >> -- couple of days ago we had temperatures in the 100s around santa cruz, today it could drop a good 25 degrees. you see some of these clouds, parts of the east bay, santa clara valley and towards the peninsula and around the monterrey area some of those higher clouds have thickened up -- [ inaudible ] >> -- bay and still 90s inland but kind of a muggy feel. 57 to 70 degrees, it is official. the e-mails are coming in, i hate the heat, one from santa rosa -- [ inaudible ] >> -- cooler pattern, 60s for many. 51 eureka to 80 in palm springs, 50s and 70s, yesterday at noon l.a. was 94 and cloudy. there is a low spinning there that will send in moisture over
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the next couple of days. the trend though will be for cooler. by the coast you will notice that. temperatures upper 90s for some, mid-90s for others. a cloudy pattern and still in the 90s, a that is a little tough. the fog is regrouping in a big way and starts to cool everyone down by the end of the week and we will take that into the weekend. ♪ [ music ] >> the european markets are mixed this morning but most asian markets climbed as investors hoped the u.s. federal reserve could introduce new measures to jim late the economy. the hang seng rose more than 1% while the nikae closed up 7/10s of a percent, the others also showed some gains overnight, far eastern investors keep a close eye on the u.s. economy, since this is a key market for asian goods. all right. checking in on our numbers, the
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futures right now indicate a lower opening amid worries about europe, slight gains yesterday by the closing bell with the dow jones starting today at 10,858. the price of oil jumped to nearly $77 a barrel after a report shows u.s. crude supplies are smaller than expected. the u.s. stockpile fell 2.4 million barrels last week when most analysts expected an increase, the u.s. energy department releases its report later today. >> 5:19. a san francisco start up company is making it possible to buy a friend a drink without even being there. the service is called bar tab. users who sign up can select a bar and a drink, then search through a list of their facebook friends to decide who gets the drink. the user then alerts the friend who can claim that drink within three months. the buyer and the receiver each pay one dollar. the bars make a profit because
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they are getting new customers. it is only available in certain areas so far. >> california's money problems could mean rapists could go free. how the stalled budget is getting in the way. >> also the reason some people say the program to fight actually does more harm than good. >> traffic is moving along well on the san mateo bridge. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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well, we have a lot of high clouds, mild for some. 70s degrees in san jose so kind of muggy, still hot inland. the coast could go from the 60s to the 80s, the fog is there just not making much of a move inland yet. >> 5:22. the continuing hot weather will coop the rock park closed again today because of the high fire danger, the high temperatures and low humidity are prolonging the fire season. they have been scheduled for staff cutbacks but until the normal cooler night temperatures are back cal fire is going to keep two extra trucks on duty in the south bay. battalion chief jim crawford says the very end of a heat wave can bring the most fire danger. >> when it gets really hot people go inside and so we tend to see the less starts for
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fires. as we get book into cool patterns people start to come back out. since 95% of fires are started by humans, we tend to have more fires when people are out. >> the firefighters again warn everybody be careful about the high fire danger and they remind you some of the greatest fire danger comes in late september and in october, that includes the lick fire in henry could state park and the oakland hills firestorm in 1991. the state's ongoing budget embase is impacting a ride range of services all over the state that includes groups that work with sexual assault victims who say supplies of rape kits have been running low. the department of justice provides the much needed materials to crisis centers and hospitals all over california but because of the budget stalemate those centers are left unable to get the supplies they need. >> you only have one chance to collect the evidence and if you don't have this, then the
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victims have no chance at successful prosecution. >> the department of justice just delivered almost 50 rape kits to various sexual assault teams in solano county so area supplies are up for now. but workers released one area rape crisis center, they have been put on notice, they are going to lose their jobs in 16 days unless a budget is passed. >> santa clara county supervisors have voted to opt out of a fingerprint sharing program with federal immigration authorities. the program established in 2008 gives immigration and customs enforcement access to fingerprints of people who are arrested. the agency then cross-checks those fingerprints against its immigration data base of known criminals, some say the program makes immigrants afraid to call for help or report crimes. >> in the end we are being asked to take measures that are effecting the most vulnerable people in our commute. >> i am supporting the opt in program because it would take
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out the bad element in the illegal immigrant community. >> the immigration agency has not responded to the call to opt out. until it does the fingerprints are still accessible. >> time now 5:25. well, fema has made its decision. the pipeline disaster victims in san bruno will not be getting federal disaster aid. also drastic budget cuts have made it a whole new ball game for the athletic program at one bay area university. >> good morning. if you are driving anytime soon on the sunol lane traffic is moving well, even the express lane. we will tell you more coming up.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move
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it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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good morning to you, welcome back, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the middle of the week, wednesday, september 29th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 5:30. steve what is the weather going to be like today? >> it depends on where you are pam. inland cooler but still hot and muggy. by the coast it co-- [ inaudible ] >> -- the fog is there but you can have a -- a little -- [ inaudible ] >> -- for some, 60s, 70s to near 80 there. 80s around the bay, upper 80s, low to mid 90s inland with a lot of these higher clouds now, here is sal. >> steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the east shore freeway. no major problems there. also this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is smooth on the upper deck of the bay bridge. they didn't have any road work
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overnight so all the lanes are open. now back to the desk. >> 5:29. it was a war of words during the first gubernatorial debate last night. democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman let us see their sharply differing viewpoints as they clashed on several key issues. claudine wong is in oakland now with more about last night's spirited debate. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, so who won and that is the question everyone always asks after these debates. both candidates claim victory, that is pretty standard but it is hard to tell who actually won. this race is a dead heat and every moment counts and both meg whitman and jerry brown had memorable moments. jerry brown certainly has been on the political scene for decades and is trying to re- establish himself not only with his relevance but also his focus. in classic brown style he did stray off message, trading a
5:31 am
more serious response for a more humor russ when asked if he would run for president when in the governor's office. >> what assurances can you offer voters that this time around should you be elected you would focus on this job? >> age, hell if i was younger you know i would be running again. one other thing i now have a wife and i would come home at night. i don't try to close down the bars in sacramento like i used to do when i was governor of california. >> reporter: meg whitman said more on message. she did defend her personal spending, saying her investment won't make her be holding to special interests as she claims her opponent would be but also apologized for her voting record acknowledging in past elections. >> first of all i am not proud of my voting record and i apologize for it and i
5:32 am
apologize to all the people in california, it was not the right thing to do. >> it is probably a safe bet to say both camps are analyzing this one carefully. there are three scheduled, the next this saturday in fresno. >> we have more from the candidates debate on our channel 2 website, you will find the links and all of the latest election news under the election 2010 tab. >> the disastrous pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno has claimed another life. doctors at uc san francisco removed him from life support monday morning. the 58-year-old san bruno man was critically injured when the pipeline exploded just 200 feet from his home. he is the eighth person to die as a result of the disaster three weeks ago. the federal government has now rejected california's request for disaster aid for
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the victims. fema has determined the pipeline explosion has not overwhelmed agencies. the decision means california loses out on millions to cover the cost of the calamity. yesterday the mayor testified on capitol hill saying the pipeline disaster highlights a national problem. >> these are ticking time bombs apparently that are underground out of sight, out of mind and we have to get these things to the forefront. >> the mayor testified before a committee investigating pipeline safety in the u.s. california's two u.s. senators both sit on that committee. >> 5:33. we have just found out that former president jimmy carter will stay in the hospital a little longer. a short while ago doctors said he needs additional observation after he spent the night in the hospital. the 85-year-old was rushed to the hospital after.
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this morning a hospital spokeswoman says mr. carter feels normal and looks forward to returning to his schedule soon. he was in cleveland promoting his new book. a manhunt ibs underway right now for a man wanted for what police are calling an especially heinous rape and robary, jade hernandez is in san francisco with a look at that suspect's picture plus the warning if you plan to ride mass transit. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the man police are looking for this morning has a very distinctive tatoo, that tatoo is of sf on his face. police say this man has family and what they are calling associates here in the city. take a look at his picture. he is 5'8," 170 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. he has the sf tatoo but also others on his neck, last seen walk inch around without his shirt and jeans. san francisco police say the 25- year-old is wanted in connection with a heinous rape,
5:35 am
robbery and beating yesterday at noon in the housing authority development. he is on parole from santa rosa and may bo using public transportation to get around. we checked in with officers at the bay view police department. this morning there are no new updates he has not been arrested and we are being told he is being considered dangerous, if you do see this man please call 911. live from san francisco jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> california's budget crisis has led to a bole shell for uc berkeley sports. cal has eliminated baseball, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse, the highly successful men's rugby team will become a varsity club which well not receive financial backing from the university. the changes will begin at the end of this school year. >> these were very painful decisions and as i said, to the
5:36 am
students earlier today, deciding which programs was the most difficult part of the plan. >> the cal bears football team is not effected. the cuts are the university's latest response to california's worst financial crisis in decades. san francisco is steppg up its campaign to host the world's topsailing race. the city is offering the organizers of america's cup plenty of free land and also promising to raise $270 million in private donations and sponsorship to help cover the big costs. san francisco and valencia, spain, are viewed as the front- runners to host the next race in 20 13. an announcement is expected within the next few months. >> 5:36. a san jose woman has been arrested, charged with vandalizing luxury cars. nancy chi knee was arrested
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saturday. records show she is being held in lieu of more than 2 million dollars bail. authorities say she has vandalized more than a dozen cars and is facing charges in alameda county as well. >> let's check back in with sal and take a look at the commute. >> yeah, let's do that. oh, it looks great. you are talking about me you know things have actually been doing very well. good morning, everyone. we are off to a nice start on this middle of the weekday, hump day if you will, no major problems all the way over to highway 101. northbound and southbound traffic looking good. this is a look at the commute on westbound bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is doing very well. another man who is doing very well this morning, steve paulson. >> sal your giants two up, my reds clinched. >> good morning for steve
5:38 am
paulson. >> and for you my friend. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am showing you the wind there isn't any calm. very still, even san jose which doesn't show up there says calm. no sea breeze yet. an e-mail from one of our observers. he is three blocks away and he is 61. the city yesterday was amazing. kelly's cove, lake merced was around 65, yet the official high was 92, so i mean there was a huge difference even in san francisco alone, i saw 77 in the marina at noon. noe valley was 90, north mission 90, south of market 86, so depending on where you were in the city it was either like -- [ inaudible ] >> -- man it is hot. well today we have a lot of high clouds streaming northward. these could actually get a couple of build ups by tomorrow. keep an eye on that for possible high based thundershower activity tomorrow. today these higher clouds are coming in.
5:39 am
the fog is there but running into tremendous resistance, so 60s and 70s by the coast. if the wind -- the west wind doesn't kick in you will be warmer than that but it is there the fog more so than the last couple of days. around the bay 80, still 90s inland but a lot of these higher clouds which will drop the temperatures but increase the humidity so you know a double edged scward there. 50s and 60s, san jose 68, 57 officially san francisco. santa rosa-napa 55, everyone else in the 60s. 40s mountains, 53 ukia, 68 sacramento, 74 fresno. that is a huge difference there. 50s to 70s up and down the coast. there you can see that system spinning right off san diego, as long as it is there it is going to pump in high clouds and also when you have such warm temperatures in place, the humidity factor goes up. by the coast the biggest drops in temperatures but the fog will start to regroup. today though mainly hanging around by the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s inland with a higher humidity. so fog, high clouds, fog will be back, regrouping, then
5:40 am
clouds increasing. i put in high based thunder activity for the south and thursday and friday then cooler, back to night, low clouds temperatures back into the 80s inland. >> hewlett-packard says its financial future looks bright but it is what they are not saying na has investors interested. >> also south bay respects you are about to get out from under water restrictions.
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the procedures amount to cruel and unusual punishment. the governor plans to appeal. meg whitman and jerry brown traded accusations in this first debate. whitman said that brown will have to pay back labor unions who contributed to his campaign. on the other hand brown accused whitman of proposing tax breaks for wealthy californians at the expense of public education. intelligence officials say th have intercepted a credible terror plot against britain, france and germany, the terror threat level has already been raced in france where last night the eve ill tower was evacuated for the second time in as many weeks. >> 11 people are still missing following a landslide in mexico. at first officials in the southern mexican state feared
5:44 am
as many as 1000 people were trapped, but rescue teams discovered that those reports were overestimated. still many homes and roads are badly damaged. the landslide follows days of heavy rain and more rain is in the forecast. nine months after a disas druse earthquake haiti has yet to see the billion dollars pledged by the u.s. the money is still tied up in washington. more than a million haitians are living in the streets, debts in port-au-prince are growing. haiti is also waiting for more than 8 million dollars promised by 50 other nations and organizations. the governor of american samoa has declared a die of remembrance as they mark a year since the earthquake there. here at home a memorial will be held tonight to remember the victims. last year's powerful earth quick triggered giant waves that flooded entire villages and killed 32 people in
5:45 am
american samoa. people were also killed in samoa and tonga. >> 5:44. a federal appeals cute will allow government funding to continue now for embryonic stem cell research at least for now. the obama administration asked that funding continue while yait peels a lower court order that blocks the research. the court ruled earlier that research funding guidelines likely violent federal law. a three judge panel reviewing the case said it will move quickly to make a final decision. more mosquitoes and a bird in the east bay have tested positive for the west nile virus. vector control experts say the latest infected mosquitoes were found in a trap near lone tree way in antioch. the dead bird was found near jordan lane in oakley. the experts say they are running more inspections and tests. they are applying insecticides in those areas. they sprayed for mosquitoes in
5:46 am
eastern parts of the county several times already this year. officials are warning residents mosquitoes thrive in standing water. >> the santa clara valley water district is no longer requiring water converve situation. it is now asking customers to maintain their current water usage on a voluntary basis. the district says local reservoirs are above average because of the heavy rains earlier this year but they warn there could be a return to conservation if there is not enough rain in the coming season. >> sal are the drivers awake in contra costa county? >> i think they are. westbound 24 traffic looks good up to the tunnel. there are no major problems on the other side in oakland. also this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are driving on westbound bay bridge toll plaza or into san francisco. no major problems there. the morning drive is okay on
5:47 am
237, westbound 237 traffic looks good crossing 880 and no major problems in the south bay. this is a good time of the morning to go. one more thing i do want to mention, some of the road work they have been doing on the bay bridge this morning they have not done, so this morning's lanes are clear into san francisco. now lights go to steve. >> sal, thank you. we do have a change here today. you can see some of these higher clouds up from the south could produce high based more than just cloud cover by tomorrow. we will keep an eye on that but will include some humidity. by the coast fog is there. no wind at all. very still. very mild. very calm but the coast should cool down a good 10 to 20 degrees today. muggy inland. humidity factor will go up even though the inland temperatures
5:48 am
will come down, 70s, 80s 90s today. 57 san francisco, not far away you can find actually low 60s, mid-60s some, santa rosa-napa 50s, santa rosa 68 warm degrees. 50s -- 70s up and down the coast. 51 eureka to 72 down in san diego and 80 in palm springs. these clouds continue to come up. right there is the low. so coastal fog, high clouds, a mix of sun and clouds but the humidity factor is up so 90s and kind of muggy by the coast, 60s, 70s to near y 80s and same around the bay, temperatures starting to come down but so far no sea breeze yet but we expect that to come in. again tomorrow combination of fog and high mid-level clouds could get interesting later in the day especially towards the peninsula and south bay, cooler weather looks like it takes over and we get back into the 80s inland by the weekend. >> hewlett-packard is offering a rosy outlook of the future but the palo alto based company did not give any hints as to
5:49 am
who may be the next ceo, the enterer rim says they will be up 14% for this year, the projections reflect its confidence it can maintain its current lead in the market. a new government report shows the number of women working as managers remains stagnant in 2000 the number was 39%. women held 40% of managerial positions in 2007. in comparison women made up 49% of the entire work force during that entire time. female managers are still paid less than men in the same jobs. in 2007 they earned just 81 cents for every dollar made by men. starting next month continental airlines will start charging most passengers for inflight meal. the airline says first and business class passengers will still receive complimentary meals but travelers in economy will be charged for their food.
5:50 am
prices range from $once.50 for potato chips to $8 for a sandwich. >> get ready for a tough new bay area smoking law. we will tell you why in one community this particular law would really hit close to home. >> plus did sarah palin's daughter break the law? details of a police investigation of bristol palin.
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welcome back to the morning news. soon many smokers won't be able to light up in their own home. they have passed an antismoking law that goes into effect on january 1st and applies to new multiunit housing. the ban includes not only tobacco but medical marijuana smoking as will. it will also be illegal to smoke on balance connies and patios. san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he plans to sign a bill extending the ban on tobacco sales to big box and grocery stores. the board of supervisors passed the measure which would effect big retailers. walgreen's unsuccessfully challenged the initial law passed in 2008, arguing the exemption for larger stores made it unconstitutional. today homeless advocates
5:54 am
will be visiting golden gate park to help those who don't like to leave the park for services they may need. project homeless connect is teaming up with several youth organizations along with blue shield to provide services to the homeless at the park. last year a similar event helped almost 200 people with things like medical and dental exams employment services and groceries, this year they expect that number to grow to 500. a new report card on the well-being of children shows marin county is among the state's best but could do more to address a problem among teenagers. the report suggests that 75 percent of the county's children are in very good to excellent health. it also eflects a 9% drop since 2008 and also suggests that marin county has a high rate of teen alcohol and drug abuse. just 54% of marin county teens say they are substance free. >> 5:54. governor schwarzenegger presented the medal of honor,
5:55 am
the state's highest award for public safety to 10 california peace officers. >> i did my action on a screen and there is a difference between doing it on a screen and real life. i am a movie action hero but you are the true action heroes. thank you very much. >> now among those 10 police officers honored were four san mateo police officers who helped capture him on the campus. he had pipe bombs strapped to his body after other bombs already had exploded. a judge ruled he is competent to stand trial. judge stephen hall made the ruling on monday after reviewing medical records. ushock remains in custody without bail. his trial is set to begin january 31st. >> the state of alaska is investigating weather bristol palin broke any laws by going into a bar. she was there to watch her
5:56 am
partner perform. she could only legally be allowed into the establishment with a parent, spouse or legal guardian over 21 but she could avoid trouble if it was classified as a restaurant and she was there to eat. well, san francisco is ranked in the top 10 safest cities in the u.s. the non- profit group underwriters laboratory named boston as the safest city. new york ranks number 5 and san francisco is number 7. the underwriters listed first response times, accident rates and the number of hospitals. san francisco was singled out for one of the lowest rates of poverty among families with children. there was something missing at the annual san francisco cable car bell ringing contest. the official bell ringer. [ bell rings ] >> the others took part but not cable car operators. two declined. apparently their union is not happy with the city because of
5:57 am
cuts in overtime pay then the november ballot measure that would change the requirement that munyi employees be the second highest paid among their peers nationwide. >> 5:56 let's go back to sal watching everything on the road. >> we will start in the south bay. traffic is moving along well up to highway 17. northbound 280 traffic is moving well up to highway 17. no major problems. also this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are on 680. the express lane looks okay, so far heading to the south bay. and if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic so far is light. let's go back to dave and pam. >> all right. thanks, sal. getting right back to the campaign trail this morning, after last night's tv debate that you saw right here on channel 2, we are going to tell you what gubernatorial candidates jerry brown and meg whitman will be doing today and who benefitted the most from last night's debate. >> plus gunfire right outside a bay area hospital.
5:58 am
we will have the latest on the victim and the search for the shooters. >> well, we have really strange weather today. a lot of high clouds, fog and incredible current temperatures. we will take a look at those in two minutes. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. or based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life.
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